Beginning- Week 24

Sometimes we have experiences that we say are life changing and in that moment maybe they are. Usually things tend to go back to ‘normal.’

Having participated in this Master Key Mastermind Alliance has been life changing in the way that my life has been altered/changed forevermore and I know will not be returning to the old status quo. Not that the past was bad, more like something was missing.

I have now learned the tools that are truly necessary for change at levels I did not have access to before. I was aware of the some of the tools and had used them, but never with such focus and commitment. Adding in other exercises/methods to do daily, wow! It is thrilling to say “they really work!!”

I am not the same person I was 6 months ago. I have changed my personal blueprint (it is still being refined, I’m pretty sure that is an unending process- thank goodness 😊). I am excited about my business again, my relationships are more authentic- more heartfelt- nothing in the way, my Sit/meditations are more connected to my Source- I can feel our connection. Everything is easier.

I am excited about the present and excited about the future. I am excited that we, as a collective group, are changing the world. Our planet needs us. Our families need us. Our friends need us. They don’t need ‘us’ – they need what we are learning, so through our example, we can inspire/encourage others to their own personal greatness.

I’m so grateful. I appreciate Mark and Davene and everyone who helped put this all together. I appreciate my co-journeyers on this path. Let’s keep going and change the world or, change our worlds which will in turn, change the world.

Love to all


Life- Week 23

This Mastermind experience has been everything I have wanted and more. After years of feeling lost and abandoned, I feel like myself again. I realize that I have everything I need inside of me and I am right on track. There is nothing wrong.

My DMP (Definite Major Purpose) is taking shape. Things are happening in my personal life and in my business that encompass all that I have dreamed of. My clarity on what is true for me is obvious. My relationships are easier. My conversations in business are easier. Everything is easier. I know that as time unfolds this will turn into more than I have dreamed of and will be glorious, all with ease.

I am having experiences that have no explanation. Miracles, which are in truth the natural order of things, are happening daily. Some are big, some are small, all are noticed. Since my experience with Silence there is a peace that prevails. There is a knowing that I am in touch with my Self.

When I read these words over, I think wow! This is my life! And it just keeps getting better.

I may add to this but that is all for now


Silence- Week 22

I was preparing everything for my 3 days of Silence. I bought candles and flowers to make my environment welcoming to whatever was going to happen. I wanted to be in an area where love could be felt without anything else to clutter it up.

When I got ready to start I turned off my phone and computer and put them in the closet. At that point I realized I did not have a clock. I wasn’t going to know what time it was unless I purposely looked when I would come out of my space to get something to eat.

Well this is interesting already! Pretty quick I adapted to this new fact and realized that part of my experience would be listening to my own inner clock. Time was not going to matter.

I settled in and began. One of the things I appreciated in this experience was doing this at home. Where better to meet your Self! Experiencing oneness and life in such a personal place I felt was a gift. The stillness was immediate, as if my inner being had been waiting for me to finally do this. I could feel my soul/life force/God in my solar plexus area. It was a quiet roar.

The Sits lasted 2-3 hours each time for me. Then I would take a break and either eat, shower, read, do some yoga, or watch the fire in the fireplace. Each thing I did, I only did that. Being mindful of what I was doing at the time and nothing else. Then I would come back to the Sit. This pattern continued through the night as well.

What happened for me during those three days and nights was that I realized the simple, peaceful power of – what I am calling God. I saw how far away from that I am most of the time. It’s so quiet it can be drowned out by the busyness of doing so many ‘important’ things during the day. I could see that if I stayed more in tune with my inner being how much easier life would be.

When I would feel this Presence, I would start to imagine my one sentence DMP. I thought that this may be co-creating with the Universe. I didn’t do that every time because sometimes I just wanted to feel this Presence that breathes me, lives me.

I found a couple books that I had forgotten about and of course when I opened them, the words were exactly what I needed to hear. Confirmation that I am exactly where I am meant to be and I am on the right track. All is perfect.

I am so grateful for this experience and I don’t think I would have done this on my own. It would have felt selfish. As an assignment, no problem! Thank you to Mark and Davene.

I know I will do this again and look forward to the next experience. In the meantime I am at peace and know all is well. I have that underlying calmness with intensity. I am ready for what is coming and appreciate fully what is here. I have love for everyone.

More- Week 21

Week 21- More

I love this! In week 20 I felt a shift in my being. A shift in how I am being a channel for this Life, this consciousness that is all pervading. This consciousness that to some is called God.

In Week 21 I feel this even more. I feel alive. I feel connected. I feel. When I am in my Sit the energy/life force that is in me and everything else is strong (unless I notice it too much and pull energy away from it, then it tends to go away). More than once I am brought to tears.

I am so thankful to be on this path of self-discovery/ self-awareness/ Self. I seriously have been studying my whole life to get here. And here I am. It feels natural and at the same time overwhelming and yet not overwhelming at all.

To be in touch with true life, true Life- I have no words. Nothing can explain the feelings I am having and the experience of this I am going though.

And on the practical side, my relationships with everyone are so much more connected. Not in a weird new age-y ‘oooh I love you’ way, in a real authentic way. My business is growing. People are calling me to get started. I am accomplishing more in less time. My DMP is getting closer.

I am in the last half of my life and I feel like I am just getting started. I am so excited to what is in store for me and how I can teach/show others how they can get in touch with their Life.  Blessings to Everyone.

Vitality- Week 20

The journey continues! This past week, Week 20 Master Keys, I have actually felt different. I mean physically different. I have more energy. I can feel my being is radiating differently. I have vitality.

I am excited about these changes because they are coming forth as a result of my work in doing the daily services, tasks. They are really changing the way that I feel! It’s happening on its own. I want to say I’m not doing anything, but I am. I’m doing my daily work. It’s not always perfect, meaning I don’t always get every part of the homework completed, but it is perfect because I am changing.

This is completely expected yet very unexpected. I know the next part of this, or one of the next parts, is that my business will change too. Jim Rohn would always say, “for things to change, you have to change.” I heard that and would do my best to think differently and take different actions, things would change but not stick.

With the Master Key system I am really changing. I am feeling the changes physically (which didn’t happen before with such distinct feeling and clarity as now) and I know I have changed. Really changed. I am different than I was a few months ago. Now that I have ‘changed’ I know my attraction vibration is different too.

Because of this transformation (so this is what transformation is!!) I have full knowing that my circumstances will be changing too. They have to. That’s the way it works because when I change, my circumstances will change. Hallelujah!!

Wow. This all makes me want to work harder and do better. By experiencing the difference, it has become real. The rest will follow. I know this is true.

Assimilation- Week 19

Section 1 in Part 19 begins: The search for truth is no longer a haphazard adventure, but it is a systematic process, and is logical in its operation. Section 2:  In seeking the truth we are seeking ultimate cause.

What began for me as an opportunity to Mastermind in a real way has become a true journey of transformation. Searching for Truth has been a quest I have been on most of my life, as I am pretty sure it has been for others in this alliance.

As I go into this deeper, rather than becoming more complex, the simplicity of Truth is beginning to appear. I am finding that in my SITs I am becoming more aware of the life force inside of me. I feel a palpable oneness with the operative principle that is Mind. I look forward to that part of my morning each day. I have been wanting to stay with it longer and feel it.

I think about what it would be like to ongoingly be aware of that Presence and co-create with this Universal Mind consciously, purposefully. That is how we are wired. That is how we are made.

At the same time, I don’t want to sound too serious about it all. Life is exciting, fun, filled with love, joy, abundance- a dynamic flow of giving and receiving! What a playground we live in where we get to experience whatever it is we want to experience! God/the Universe must really love us to give us all of these beautiful gifts to partake in during our life experience and at the same time give us the power to choose what we want and co-create it! Amazing!

Again I say thank you to All that is.

Discovery- Week 18

All I can say is wow! For some reason whenever the assignment was shared about us giving ourselves permission to be happy, my mind would go somewhere else. I heard it but as soon as the webinar was over, it completely left my thoughts.

A friend who is also in the course asked me about our new homework regarding giving ourselves permission to be happy. I would recall the assignment and again, as soon as our conversation ended, it was out of my mind.

When the survey came out and asked the question about our experiences and what had changed when we gave our self permission to be happy, I realized again, I had not done this homework. I was one of the 10% who didn’t complete that. Geez.

Something clicked for me on Week 18’s webinar though. I heard the conversation about happiness and I remembered it once the class had ended! After the class that day, I got still and gave myself permission to be happy! Oh my gosh!! Everything changed in that moment. I felt truly happy. I felt giddy! How could this happen so fast?! But it did. And it lasted.

My world changed. I felt so free. I was happy from the inside out. And still am!

I don’t know why I couldn’t hear it sooner but I am thrilled that I have heard it now. I am giving myself permission for all of it!!! I give myself permission to be loving, I give myself permission to be giving, I give myself permission to be successful, I give myself permission to be prosperous, I give myself permission to be creative, I give myself permission to be happy, I give myself permission to live an extraordinary life.

Gratitude galore!!

Another aha this week was when the Scroll changed. Living each day as if it is my last has given me such an appreciation for everything around me. Everything and everyone  really are gifts to be treasured. I can’t dwell on how I haven’t appreciated it all in the past, the past is over. I am starting each moment fresh and seeing through new eyes. The gloriousness of Life flows through me and everyone and everything. It is all around me, and I am making sure I remember this always.

The adventure continues!! Thank you God.